Truffle extravaganza
5 days - fully booked

well everybody is whispering about the great upcoming truffle harvest - well actually it has already started...a very humid May and June has created fantastic conditions for our little under ground funghi friend - so we have dedicated a course to this tasty fellow.

For 5 days it is going to be all about these tasty wonders - when, how, why, how much or little.....we are going to cook together a number of tasty dishes all enriched by the suttle aroma of the truffle...

5 nights stay in double room, welcome dinner, 3 cooking lessons, visit to vinery and if weather permitting a true truffle hunt...

Price per person: € 1100 + the cost price of 200 g fresh truffles.

3 ingredients
3 days - fully booked

the last course of the year in the 3 ingredients series - these courses will mainly focus on 3 ingredients of the season - for this time of year we have chosen some of our favorite produce:

Pumpkin, chestnuts and cabbage

During the 2 cooking lessons we will cook a number of delicious and simple dishes highlighting the great taste of these 3 types of produce. You will be cooking many different antipasti, fresh pasta, gnocchi, riso and some delicious desserts.

We will also visit a local wine producer and have a tasting.

This course include; 3 night stay in double room, welcome dinner, 2 cooking lessons and visit to wine producer.

Price per person: € 600

Country cooking and new olive oil
4 days

This is one of our favorite seasons of the year......the olive grove a full of contadinis picking this years crop of olives to bring the local frantoio. The fresh olive oil straight from the press is something quite unique, and something everybody should try.

Also all the great fall produce is now in full production, we are harvesting all the cabbage, beets and pumkin from the orto - collecting chestnuts from the forest and talking to the local hunter in order to find some game from the forest.

This course is focused on all the produce of the fall - the cooking is getting a bit heavier and heartier with great complex flavours - and with lots and lots of the fresh, green and very strong olive oil.

You will get to know many easy and delicious antipasti, homemade pasta, riso, filling soups, arrosti, sweets of the season and lots of information, tips and tricks on rustic italian country cooking.

The course include: 4 nights stay in double room, welcome dinner, 3 cooking lessons with following lunch or dinner, visits to  the local olive oil mill, a wine producer and the market in Orvieto.

Price per person: € 900

Cucina Classica
4 days

The old classics never go out of style - so that's why we are concentrating on those for the next 4 days. We are going to get that Carbonara just right, the right texture in the ravioli al magro, serve tender spezzatino and the perfect tiramisu. All in all - all the classics.

Each cooking lessons will be centered around serving a classical Italian menu.

4 nights in double room, 3 cooking lessons and visit to local vinery. Meals according to the program.

Price per person: € 800


Long weekend
3 days

Why not grab a long weekend in the Umbrian country side - if the weather is with us - you can enjoy the slow afternoons on the terrace, before its time to meet in the kitchen.

Over the next 2 days we are going to cook a great number of dishes from the classical Italian cuisine, as well as giving to great ideas and tips for the everyday cooking at home.

3 nights, 2 cooking lessons, visit to a local vinery and meals according to the program.

Price per person: € 600

Additional night can be booked at a special price.

Bella Roma e Todi
6 nights

Start you Italian foodie holiday in Bella Roma. We have booked a cosy B&B for you for the first 2 nights. See all the special sights of the eternal city and enjoy the roman food in small trattorias. We have arranged for a transfer to Todi - where we will be ready to greet you. For the next 4 days we are going to cook a great number of dishes from the italian menu - you will prepare different antipasti, fresh pasta, riso and other tasty primi piatti - for the secondi we are going to focus on the classical specialities - and lets not forget the dessert. We are also going to visit a local vinery. This course is ideel for those who don't like to drive in Italy.

2 nights B&B in Rome, transfer to Todi, 4 nights stay in Todi, 3 cooking lessons, visit to vinery, transfer to Rome airport and meals according to program.

Price per person: € 1200

Long weekend
3 days

Why not join us for a few early spring days. Lets enjoy the spring and all the great produce of the season together. Spend a long weekend in Todi and experience all the tasty spring dishes and become wiser about the rustic italian country cooking during the 2 cooking lessons.

During the lessons we will cook a number of delicious antipasti, you will make your own homade pasta, riso and filling soups. A nice arrosoto, veggies and sweets.

One of the mornings we will drive to Montefalco to taste the one and only Sagrantino - one of the most important wines in the world.

The course include: 3 nights stay in double room with breakfast, welcome dinner, 2 cooking lessons with following dinner and visit to vinery.

Price per person: € 600

Our beautiful Umbria
6 days

We are very happy to tell you about our new cooking course for next year - where we celebrate our wonderful region and home - Umbria.

A 6 night stay, where we will cook a great number of dishes of seasonal produce, we will talk about all the produce of the season and how to cook wth it and maybe how to introduce some new ways of eating back home. 

We are also going to explore the region - first we will visit Assisi, and together with Alessandra - we are going to learn all about this amazing town - and this is of course followed by a good local lunch. We are also going to visit our good friends from Fattoria Mani di Luna and learn all about biodynamic wines and how they ate produced. The season for truffles is getting started and we will do an early morning hike in the forest together with a trusted dog - we will hunt for the balck gold and then have a good truffle lunch.

Finally we are going to visit our norwegian friends - Anne-Line and Åste, who runs an amazing organic farm with a serious production of goats cheeses and Cinta Senese pigs for some of the best Salame in the area.

The proce per person is € 1500 - this include a 6 night stay in double room with breakfast, welcome dinner, 3 cooking lessons with dinner, guided city walk in Assisi and lunch, visit to wine producer and tasting, truffle hunt and lunch and visit to organic farm with tasting.

Let's meet in bella Roma
3 days

Why don't we get together for a little early spring in Rome. For 3 days we will relocate to the eternal city and cook all the glorious spring produce around - and we will do it together.

We will move into the fantastic Latteria Studio kitchen in Trastevere, where we will do 2 Market to Table cooking lessons. The whole idea is to meet at the market in the morning, have a coffee, then go from stall to stall pick all the produce we like to cook with. Together we will decide the menu - of course we will have some general ideas - but if you have that special wish to cook something - we will find it and cook it.

Once we are stocked up on produce we ill walk back to the studio and start to cook for some hours before we sit down for a late and long lazy lunch. One of the days we will be picked up by Alice - the owner of the studio for a little foodie walk in Trastevere.

This course will also include welcome aperitivo, welcome dinner at one of our favorite roman trattoria and a farewell fritto crawl and pizza night.

This course does NOT include accommadation.

The price is € 600 per person. There is a max of 8 places on this course.