Il ghiottone umbro

Ever wished for a good friend with a nice house in a medival umbrian hill town with great views over the rolling landscape.

One who knows the way to all the great local restaurants, the best wine producers and historic sights.

One who enjoys the simplicity, honesty and fantastic taste of the italian kitchen and wine.

One who pays attention to every detail and caters to all your needs.

Well - now you have such a friend - Il Ghiottone Umbro...

News from Todi

We hope you all are well into the new year - Todi is now officially into the winter mode - all are resting and getting ready for a new season. We have added a new colour to the Tower Room, we will soon start sowing this years tomato plants, planting a few fruit trees, testing new recipes and creating new cooking experiences for you. 

One of the cooking adventures we look really forward to is our new "Weekend in Roma" - together we will visit different markets and then cook delicious seasonal food. Nothing is planned - the markets decides what we will cook - cut serious artichoke dishes are garanteed - we are in Rome after all. We will also eat at a traditional trattoria, enjoy a pizza night and lots of fried goodies. If this sounds like a good weekend to you - write us a note. The spring edition starting on the 4th of April is almost full now - 1 spot left. The autumn editon on the 10th of October has 4 spots left - Remenber to join us on Instagram - @ilghiottoneumbro - for lots of inspiration for cooking, eating out, drinks and much more - all with an italian twist. Plus good offers on rooms and courses.

Ciao - Lisbeth e Thomas